BOSCH Active Line

With the Active Line, a drive system exists today for all who have recognised ebikes as the most modern form of transportation: for the active, for the leisurely, for the aficionados, for the enthusiastic. In short, for anyone who likes to travel in the fresh air. With the Active Line, Bosch provides a versatile, custom-made product for modern e-bikers.

Characteristics such as efficiency, ergonomics, design and high technology are brought together seamlessly and perfectly. The highest level of precision is applied in bringing together the power of Active with that of the e-biker, generating perfectly measured support with every turn of the pedal.

The design and ergonomics combine a high level of aesthetics and ease of use, making the Active and its harmonious drive into the right system for a wide variety of uses.

A new drive system, a new riding experience, a new era: the Active Line from Bosch.

Raleigh Motus with Bosch motor
Haibike SDuro with Yamaha motor
Diamondback Corvus eMTB with Bosch CX Motor
Raleigh Captus with Bosch motor
The 2017 Raleigh eBike Range is in already.
Strada TS with TranzX Motor
Raleigh Strada with Shimano motor
Diamondback Corax eMTB FS with Bosch CX Motor